Project - Administrative Tools

Developed various small tools to assist with back office operations.

Web & Application Development


Over the years, we've developed various small tools to assist with back office operations. These tools are designed to streamline and automate administrative tasks, saving time and resources for our clients.

Many businesses rely on complex software solutions for different tasks. While these individual systems might excel in their specific functions, they often do not integrate or communicate with each other. We've built custom tools to bridge these gaps, allowing for seamless data flow and improved operational efficiency.

By seamlessly connecting these individual systems, we eliminated manual data entry and ensured data consistency across the entire operation.

What we did

Here are some examples of the tools we've developed:

  1. Export and import of figures from the Front Office system into the accounting system
  2. Export and import of Payroll data into the accounting system
  3. Application to automate the process of creating and sending PDF statements to customers
  4. Web application to convert data from one system to an importable invoice format for an accounting system
  5. Tool to automate the process of sending personalized emails to customers

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