Project - Client Portal for timeshare members

Enhanced Guest Experience: Developed a custom Client Portal for a timeshare hotel, streamlining account management, communication, and information access for members.

Timeshare Hotel
Web Development


As time goes on, the reliance and importance of technology in the hospitality industry continues to grow. The client, a timeshare hotel, was looking to enhance the guest experience by developing a custom Client Portal. This portal would enable easy account management for the Members, enhanced communication from Management to the Members, among many other things.

During preparation, we identified that not only is a Member-facing portal needed, but also an internal portal for the staff to use for setting up communication towards the Members.

What we did

The Member portal has enabled our client to provide a more personalized and efficient service to their Members:

  1. Personalized communications to Members by facilitating e-mail campaigns and notifications
  2. Secure PCI compliant online card payments
  3. Auditable convocation system for the Members/Shareholders to ensure a fair and verifiable voting process
  4. Simplified and automated administrative tasks for the staff
  5. Modern and future-proof technology stack
  6. Mobile-friendly design with accessibility in mind
  7. Much more...


As a result of the project, the client has seen a significant increase in Member satisfaction, engagement and increased collection of payments. The portal has also enabled the client to reallocate staff and resources to other areas of the business, saving time and money.

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